M100 – 10070 Methanol Generator Genset

The Next Generation Of Local Power Based On M100 Technology And Tailored For Class Leading Performance Utilizing Methanol As A Fuel for efficient industrial manufacturing

M100 technology meeting customer needs

A clean, reliable, on-demand, economic power solution with M100 technology designed to lead the market of local power generation applications.

Tailored for class-leading performance utilizing methanol as A fuel with a competitive total cost of ownership.

M100 Genset Forging the future for you and making sure that your business has the best in class local power supply solution.

Key Advantages
Engine Model -N67 M100
Cylinders Arrangement -6 inline
Total Displacement -6.7 liters
Speed -1,500 RPM
Frequency -50Hz
Cooling system -Water
Air Handling -Turbocharged (air to air cooled)
Stand-by power (maximum power) -100kW
Continuous power (85% of stand-by power) -85kW
One-shot power (35% of stand-by power) -35kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) -3,580 x 1,050 x 2,120 mm
Canopy weight;2,140 kg
fuel consumption
Fuel specifications -M100
Maximum Fuel consumption at 90kW -62.1 l/h
Fuel consumption at 65kW -45.5 l/h
Fuel Consumption at 35kW -28.8 l/h
Fuel tank capacity -800 liter
Total lubrication system capacity -17.2 liter
Total coolant capacity -25.5 liter

Solutions for industrial manufacturingM100 Genset key advantages
Class leading low exhaust emissions, far below any emission legislation
Class leading ultra-super silent operation
Class leading odorless operation (fuel and exhaust)
Specially designed for operation inside densely populated surroundings
Competitive fuel price
Compact layout and high-quality level of components
Class leading maintenance intervals (oil and filters)
Easy access for maintenances operation

M100 technology, 4 cycle, water-cooled, turbocharger and aftercooler
Electronic engine control with advanced control strategies tailored for M100
12-volt Self-starter and charger alternator
Maintenance free battery
Changeable air, fuel and oil filter
Engine cooling system tailored for tropical weather standards
Oil discharge pump for easy maintenance

M-100 Engine Technologies

Internal Combustion Engine technology running on methanol fuel

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