Methanol Economy

Methanol Economy

An economy in which methanol replace fossil fuels as a means of energy storage, alternative fuel, and raw material for synthetic hydrocarbons and their products.

Methanol Economy could significantly increase the use of local resources, reduce oil imports dependence, and reduce national carbon footprint.

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Methanol Economy Implementation Package

Designed to the specific circumstances of each territory.

Due to its vast experience in expanding methanol use, DOR-MOTORS can help governmental agencies and institutions to design and adopt Methanol Economy policies and projects in their territories to promote the use of methanol as an alternative source for fuel.

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Methanol Economy Implementation Package Include:

  • Conduct feasibility studies to evaluate the potential and benefits of implementing Methanol economy in each sector
  • Design and execute work-plan to promote policies and regulation to support methanol economy
  • Design methanol distribution system for ensuring methanol supply
  • Supply technical services and technology know-how package of implementing methanol projects and applications
  • Supply methanol applications to be distributed as part of methanol economy
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The Nigerian government and the Dor group

Signed an agreement of knowledge package for methanol as a clean fuel substitute to Nigeria

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Who is it for?

Governemntal agencies

Methanol producers

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