Hydrogen – Futureproof Fuel

Hydrogen energy – future fuel

Hydrogen is poised to fulfill its potential as a clean alternative to hydrocarbons in the global pursuit of
decarbonization to address climate change.

Establishing a solid role for hydrogen in the economy is a genuine opportunity, and within
reaching distance. Technology transformation and the global momentum to decarbonize, improve
air quality and increase energy system resilience, have refocussed the attention of dor motors on alternatives to fossil fuels and the potential of hydrogen.

Zero Emissions for a better future

As we move towards a circular, net-zero hydrogen economy, it’s clear that producing hydrogen gas will become cheaper and more readily available.

Looking ahead, green hydrogen energy will be available in greater abundance and, thanks to technological developments, this clean, lightweight fuel will be easier to store and to use.

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Hydrogen's fuel greatest benefits

Hydrogen energy offers clean fuel options, but it’s important to recognize that it is not an energy source that freely exists in nature. As a secondary energy form, it needs to be manufactured - like electricity - as an energy carrier.

Hydrogen fuel’s clean combustion, together with its rapid burning speed, high octane and absence of toxicity make it especially suitable for transportation applications struggling to decarbonize.

Strategically, hydrogen fuel plays an important role in helping governments, organizations and individuals pursue energy systems that are environmentally benign and sustainable.

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Hydrogen Vehicles

Transporting Future on Hydrogen

Hydrogen on the road
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