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Full conversion services into Methanol

For industrial manufacturing purposes, DOR-MOTORS supply full conversion services of industrial steam boilers from fuel-oil or diesel to methanol or to a dual operation that enables the use of both Methanol and other fuels. Steam Boilers conversion to Methanol is an attractive and feasible solution for industrial steam consumers that depend on fuel oil. It cannot be connected to the Natural gas supply system, and their production is still dependent on fuels.

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Converting Your Industrial Boiler Into Methanol With Experts

DOR-MOTORS supply full conversion services to include:
- Conversion planning & amp, design
- Conversion performing & amp, execution
- Methanol energy supply
The steam boiler conversion to methanol reduces up to 90% for boiler air emissions and enables our industrial clients to meet stricter environmental standards with low investment and current infrastructure.
Besides the environmental advantages, our industrial clients enjoy economic advantages since Methanol is cheaper than other fuels, and conversion to methanol use is conducted by using existing infrastructure at the client factory.

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Governmental & Institution services

Methanol Economy Implementation Package

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Industrial manufacturers

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