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DOR Motors was founded on 2020 by DOR Group in order to commercialize the aggregated knowhow and experience of using Methanol as a clean alternative fuel that was accumulated by DOR Group over the years.

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When traditional Industry makes innovative activities

Founded in the early 1960s, DOR Group is Israel’s largest company for supplying methanol and its derivatives (such as: MTBE, HP-MTBE, Formaldehyde, resins, Hydrogen etc).

DOR Group supply energy solutions for power generation & industry sectors and for transportation, provides ecological services of retrieval & recycling of solvent wastes, as well as supply logistics services.

DOR Group has always relied on multidisciplinary expertise & continue to strive for excellence in an ever-changing world. Our aim is to set a new bar in the industry concerning innovation, quality, and reducing environmental impact.

Our long experience, knowledge, and professionalism gained over decades of work, which include considerable investment in R&D, has positioned us as a highly regarded knowledge provider as well as a leader in the alternative fuel industry.

DOR Group is a successful demonstration of how traditional & conservative industry can make a global change by adjusting and adapting itself to the new eco-system, switching to advanced and clean production and encouraging innovation for developing new products and solutions that make a huge impact.

During the last decade, DOR Group has put an intensive R&D effort to expand the use methanol as a clean, safer, competitive alternative fuel.

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Successful projects were developed to Technology expertise

Our journey of using Methanol as an alternative fuel starts on 2010 when the Israeli Electricity Company (IEC) approached DOR Group in order to find a solution for its old gas turbine power plant that was operated at the time on polluting Diesel fuel. In view of the need to increase the reliability of electricity and in order to reduce the emission of pollutants from the power plant, DOR Group has conducted a first in world project to convert the power plant to operate on 100% Methanol.

The results of the project were amazing with a reduction of 80% of NOx emissions, Elimination of Sulfur (SO2) and significant reduction of CO2 & particles.

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Intensive R&D efforts by Dor Group

Based on these amazing results DOR Group has decided to explore more the use of Methanol as an alternative fuel for other applications, mainly for transportation. In a unique collaboration, with the support of the government of Israel, the Israeli Standards Institute and the National Authority Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative at Israel Prime Minister's Office, DOR Group joined Fiat Chrysler Group (FCA) to develop Methanol-blends fuel for transportation.

As a result of this joint effort, on 2017 the first national standard for M15 fuel (blend of 15% Methanol and 85% Gasoline) was approved and officially published in Israel (IS 90 Part 4) and FCA has launched the Fiat 500-M15, a vehicle powered by M15 fuel, adjusted to Euro 6 regulations.

Since 2018, DOR Group has expanding its activities and put an intensive R&D effort to expand the use methanol as a clean, safer, competitive alternative fuel and developed an Internal Combustion Engine running on 100% methanol (M100) and other Low carbon methanol blends (DOR-Mix). The methanol engine leads up to 90% reduction in pollutant air emissions as well as reduction of up to 15% in CO2 emissions, compare to diesel.

The development of the methanol engine and starting the marketing of M100 local-power Gensets that generate clean electricity from 100% methanol, have push DOR Group to establish DOR Motors that aggregate the knowhow and experience of using Methanol as a clean alternative fuel.

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