Alternative Fuel

Methanol As An Alternative Fuel

Methanol is used as an attractive alternative fuel due to its energy characteristics with high octane to improve efficiency and clean combustion together with the fact that it is liquid at room temperature.

Methanol is used globally for diverse uses such as transportation fuel, electricity production, marine vessels, boilers, and other applications.


Alternative Fuel With Winning Benefits

Liquid fuel – Methanol is supplied by using existing fuel infrastructure

Lower cost - Methanol is cheaper than diesel and other alternative fuels

Improved safety - Methanol has a lower risk of flammability compared to gasoline.

Increased energy security—Methanol can be manufactured from a variety of local carbon-based feedstocks, such as natural gas, coal, biomass and other renewable sources

Clean combustion fuel – Methanol has clean combustion with ultra-low air emissions


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Methanol Mixtures For Transportation

Methanol is an alternative fuel for internal combustion engines (ICE) and other applications.

It can be used either in methanol blends with gasoline such as M3, M15, M56, M70, M85 or independently through 100% methanol fuel to replace diesel.

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Shaping The Next Years of Mobility

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