Power Plants energy Conversion to Methanol

Emission Reduction For A Better Environment

Stricter environmental standards & emissions reduction requirements have led power-plant operators who are using HFO/fuel-oil to invest in emissions reduction equipment such as firing system control, post-combustion treatment of flue gases or to convert to Natural Gas which isn't available for all cases.

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From Fuel-oil to Methanol

Since all of these options are very expensive, DOR MOTORS, together with the Israeli Electricity Company (IEC), has developed & conducted a low-cost solution of converting existing gas-turbine power plants currently operating on HFO/Fuel-oil to Methanol as a clean alternative fuel.

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Leading Advantages

The advantages of such a solution are clear:

Air Emission reduction - 90% reduction in PM, 80% reduction in NOx, Elimination of CO2 emissions, significant reduction of CO2.

Lower CAPEX of the conversion to Methanol compared to investing in after-treatment emission reduction solutions.

Lower OPEX (Fuel & O&M costs) compared to HFO/diesel fuel.

Stable & Reliable maintenance – DOR MOTORS & IEC operate Methanol converted gas turbine power plants since 2014 and provides a stable and reliable electric power supply.

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Methanol Economy Implementation Package

For governmental agencies & institutions

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