Generator Dual Fuel KIT
(Methanol + Diesel)

Upgrade your diesel Generator.
Enjoy the benefits of alternative fuels without investing in a new generator
Less emissions, lower energy costs!

DOR MOTORS add-on Fuel KIT technology
- flexible fuel consumption

Dual-fuel generator add-on kit_Dor Motors

Dual-fuel generator add-on kit_Dor Motors

DOR MOTORS add-on Fuel KIT Allows the consumer to upgrade his generator to use methanol / ethanol / E85
along with diesel fuel.

The upgrade allows flexibility in the use of fuels.
With the push of a button you can return to use the original genset configuration.


Methanol / Ethanol use will reduce your energy costs and

upgrade the generator emission footprint:

reduction cost of dual-fuel add-on kit for generators_#211F1C

Key Advantages
Patent pending system

Dual-fuel add-on kit > to be installed on any existing local power diesel gensets

  • Methanol evaporating unit
  • Piping & connectors – air/methanol mixture flow
  • Control system – control methanol supplyrate
  • Dedicated & separate methanol fuel Tank & pump



Who is it for?

The Dual-fuel add-on Kit is a perfect solution for:

Generator leasing companies

Local power & Electricity companies

Construction companies

Telecom & MicroGrids companies

Generator engine manufacturers

Diesel Genset
(w/o kit)
Dual-Fuel operation
(With kit installation)
Fuel type100% Diesel80% Methanol
+ 20% Diesel (by volume)
Fuel Economy0.26 liter diesel
per kWh
0.4 liter Methanol + 0.1 liter diesel
per kWh

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For a better environment

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