M15 Methanol Fuel

M15 - Mixture Of 15% Methanol With Gasoline

DOR-MOTORS offers M15, a 15% Methanol blend with Gasoline, and offers other 'plug-n-play' Methanol blends for cars & vans currently using gasoline.

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The First National Standard For M15 Fuel

In recent years, DOR-MOTORs and The Israeli National Authority Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative, Israel Prime Minister's Office, and Fiat Chrysler Group (FCA) have conducted comprehensive projects on the use of Methanol blends in regular cars of vans.

The project accomplished over 3 million km. Based on the successful results, the first national standard for M15 fuel was prepared and published in Israel (IS 90 Part 4) and then adopted in other territories (such as Italy, India, and more).

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M15 Fuel Advantages

Using M15 fuel in gasoline cars and vans without any modifications is reducing up to 40% of HC emissions, 20% of Particles and 2% of CO2 emissions compared to normal gasoline.

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