M-100 Engine Technologies

Internal Combustion Engine Technology

During the last years, DOR-MOTORS has put an intensive R&D effort to expand the use of methanol as a clean alternative fuel and has developed an Internal Combustion Engine technology running on methanol fuel.




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90% Reduction In Pollutant Air Emissions

Based on its engine technology DOR MOTORS has designed novel low-carbon methanol Blends (DOR-Mix) that leads to better engine performance, higher efficiency together with ultra-Low emissions.

DOR MOTORS M100 engine technology leads to a 90% reduction in pollutant air emissions and a reduction of up to 15% in CO2 emissions, compared to diesel.

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Innovation In Energy

The engine provides a clean and quiet alternative to the necessary energy supply. Reduces the number of particles emitted into the air during the fuel combustion process, the engine significantly reduced noise and odor levels.

DOR MOTORS continuously works for innovation in energy, supporting the necessary changes with innovative products and creative solutions while improving quality in the environment.

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