M100 Fuel

Plug-N-Play Innovative Solutions

DOR-MOTORS offers Plug-N-Play innovative solutions for commercial vehicles using Methanol as clean alternative liquid fuel instead of polluting diesel.

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M100 For Commercial Duty Vehicles

Commercial vehicles such as Trucks, Pick-ups, and other Medium or heavy-duty vehicles continue to run on Diesel fuel. They account for 80% of urban air pollution and 25% of CO2 emissions from total global transportation.

There is no commercial applicable alternative solution fur such vehicles as all other available alternative fuels are costly as they demand large investments in establishing new fueling infrastructures, such as CNG or H2 gaseous distribution system or high-capacity electricity charging stations.

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100% Methanol Based Duty Vehicle

M100 commercial duty vehicle advantages:

Easy implementation using Internal Combustion Engine

Fueling M-100 at existing gas stations

No need for active after-treatment systems (SCR or DPF)

Up to 80% of emission reductions compared to diesel

Up to 15% of CO2 emissions reduction compared to Diesel

DOR MOTORS enables engine manufacturers and OEMs to implement M100 engine technology in their products while reducing their ecological footprint and meet target levels of the EU CO2 emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles.

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