Dor Motors & FPT collaboration M-100 the first Methanol Truck, drive test

Coming soon‼️
Dor Group continues to lead the energy revolution and proud to introduce a new generation of small trucks fuelled with 100% methanol - the cleanest environmental fuel!

Dor and the world's leading engine company FPT continue to collaborate and present an IVECO DAILY, light commercial van, design with a unique engine, fuelled only with methanol, For use for small trucks up to 7 tonnes of weight.

As we all know, transport vehicles of all kinds fuelled by diesel fuel are the primary transport pollutants in Israel and worldwide.The use of methanol as a smart substitute for diesel fuel Significantly reduces the number of emissions from vehicles, thus improving environmental quality and reducing air pollution.

Use of the new vehicle:
✔️ Reduce air pollution
✔️ Reduce oil dependency
✔️ Lower costs
✔️ will reduce noise

Watch the M-100 Drive Test video >>

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