Research and Development


DOR-MOTORS employs a talented development team consisting of chemists, mechanical engineers, material engineers, and other expertise.

During the last years, DOR-MOTORS has put an intensive R&D effort to expand the used methanol as a clean alternative fuel.

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Methanol Fuels Development

During the last years, DOR-MOTORS has tested dozens of methanol-fuel blends and additives to design the most applicable methanol-based fuel for each use.

One of the most attractive methanol-based fuels designed and produced by DOR-MOTORS is "DOR-Mix" - a novel low-carbon methanol Blend (DOR-Mix) that leads to better performances, higher efficiencies together with ultra-Low emissions in Methanol engines.



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Expanding Use Of Methanol Blends For Transportation

DOR-MOTORS has conducted a comprehensive project in cooperation with FCA, JRC & the Israeli Government to test various vehicle models with different Methanol blends.

A unique Methanol-gasoline distribution system was established in Israel for the trial program purposes, including implementing M15 fueling of vehicles through existing fuel stations.

After the successful accomplishment of more than 2 years and over 3 million km, the Standards Institution of Israel has approved the M-15 standard for transportation fuel.

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M-100 Engine Technology Development


Our R&D team designed, developed, and launched M100 engine technology powered with 100% methanol fuel, implemented in Trucks & Gensets instead of Diesel.

Based on its long experience in operating M100 applications, the DOR-MOTORS R&D team has also developed a maintenance program for methanol applications, including designing special lubricants & additives that are improving & extending engine operation.

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Meet our team

DOR-MOTORS' alternative fuel & technologies experts

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