Methanol Based Fuels

Methanol-based fuels & Methanol Blends

Methanol can serve as an alternative for internal combustion and other engines, either in blends with gasoline (Methanol blends) or independently as 100% methanol (M-100).

Methanol is used in gasoline blends around the world. Lower methanol blends (up to 15%) can be used in petrol engine while medium to high methanol blends (15%-85%) are used in flex-fuel vehicles.


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Using 100% Methanol in high-duty applications as a stand-alone fuel (M100) can replace diesel or heavy fuel oils.

DOR-MOTORS has developed M100 engine technology powered with 100% methanol fuel, which was implemented in Trucks & Gensets instead of Diesel.

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In addition to its engine technology, DOR-MOTORS has developed novel Low-Carbon Methanol Blends (DOR-Mix) that lead to better engine performances, higher efficiencies together with ultra-Low emissions in Methanol engines.

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DOR-Mix Advantages

  • 90% reduction of pollutants compared to diesel
  • 15% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Liquid fuel using existing infrastructure
  • DOR-Mix is specially designed to use renewable sources of fuel
  • Proven technology in a range of applications
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