M-100 Shore to ship Electricity power supply

What is shore side electricity ?

Over 50% of air emissions from ships & vessels are occurring during docking in sea-ports, mainly from self-generation of electricity by the vessels during docking.

During 8 hours of docking, a cruise vessel emits about 1.2 tons of NOx, equivalent to 10,000 cars, and 30 kg PM, which is equivalent to 6,000 cars.

By using Shore-side electricity, Ships and Vessels can shut down their engines while berthed and plug into an onshore power source.

The ship’s power load is then transferred to the shoreside power supply without disruption to onboard services.

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Clean Shore-Side Electricity Solution

DOR-MOTORS is offering clean & affordable M100 shore-side electricity solutions using M100 gensets operating on methanol.

M100 shore-side electricity advantages:

  • Lower cost of implementation compares to stationary solutions that need construction of electrical infrastructure on docks
  • Elimination of diesel use while docking
  • Significant reduction in vessel & ships emissions while docking
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Who is it for?

Vessel owners


Local power

Engine manufacturer

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