A revolution in the Gensets world

This week, 4 innovative generators based on the unique M100 technology from Dor landed in Israel.
The next generation of generators features an engine that runs on 100% friendly methanol fuel, which replaces polluting diesel and significantly affects air pollution levels in the environment.

M-100 Gensets just landed in Israel

As is well known, electricity plays a significant role in the daily lives of many people around the country and the world, and we cannot exist without it. Power provides energy and allows the routine to run continuously and adequately.
We all know and do not desire the moment a power outage occurs, and everything stops...

⚡But what happens in places where there is a shortage of electricity? There no electricity at all? Or does a power outage occur?  Can an operating room in a hospital stop operating?  Can an elevator that carries passengers to the 34th floor stop on the way for its passengers? Should a population in city centers absorb diesel fumes and air pollution when there is a TMA 38 project in the neighboring building?

We need generators and want this essential tool to be adapted to the environment in which we live and breathe! ♻️

The new #generators that will be released soon:
✔️ Those with extremely low air pollution emissions
✔️ Suitable for operation in a densely populated environment
✔️ Their engine operation is tranquil.
✔️ Based on #methanolfuel that degrades naturally with the environment

Dor Group - Continue to be committed to quality in the environment!

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