The annual conference of the Israeli Institute of Energy and Environment took place and brought to the front stage the discussion about hydrogen transportation as a preferred alternative.

The event was honored in the presence of Mrs. Karin Elharar, Minister of Energy, including decision-makers in Israel's energy market, investors, and representatives of other companies, working to promote the future generation of transportation.

Mr. Lior Shmueli, who leads the renewable fuels at Dor Group, has presented Dor Motors' high hydrogen production & refueling capabilities, especially in maritime transportation.

Dor is constantly working in the R&D of the world clean fuels and finding that hydrogen fuel is crucial to the near future of transportation.

Hydrogen Refueling Submarine, news event by Dor Group Team >

We invite you to join a free webinar that introduces Methanol by the Methanol Institute, one of the basic Cornerstone in chemistry, as a sustainable fuel for various forms of transportation.

ℹ️ Mr. Gil Dankner, President of Dor Group, will lead the international panel of experts with innovative and fascinating information and discuss the end applications that Dor Motors has developed over years of research and development.

Get to know the leading global trends of using Methanol as a clean fuel alternative fuel using existing infrastructures to strengthen sustainability and maintain a future of a healthy and clean environment for all of us!

🖥 The webinar took place on Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Further details on Methanol Institute website

Play the webinar's recording (bellow) to Watch Webinar ▶️

This week, 4 innovative generators based on the unique M100 technology from Dor landed in Israel.
The next generation of generators features an engine that runs on 100% friendly methanol fuel, which replaces polluting diesel and significantly affects air pollution levels in the environment.

M-100 Gensets just landed in Israel

As is well known, electricity plays a significant role in the daily lives of many people around the country and the world, and we cannot exist without it. Power provides energy and allows the routine to run continuously and adequately.
We all know and do not desire the moment a power outage occurs, and everything stops...

⚡But what happens in places where there is a shortage of electricity? There no electricity at all? Or does a power outage occur?  Can an operating room in a hospital stop operating?  Can an elevator that carries passengers to the 34th floor stop on the way for its passengers? Should a population in city centers absorb diesel fumes and air pollution when there is a TMA 38 project in the neighboring building?

We need generators and want this essential tool to be adapted to the environment in which we live and breathe! ♻️

The new #generators that will be released soon:
✔️ Those with extremely low air pollution emissions
✔️ Suitable for operation in a densely populated environment
✔️ Their engine operation is tranquil.
✔️ Based on #methanolfuel that degrades naturally with the environment

Dor Group - Continue to be committed to quality in the environment!

The Nigerian government and the Dor group signed an agreement last night in which a knowledge package for the use of methanol as a clean fuel substitute will be transferred to Nigeria.

Additionally, methanol-powered generators and engines, which are a unique dor's products, will be delivered to Nigeria, instead of using diesel and gasoline, to reduce pollutant emissions and utilize natural gas resources, which Nigeria's is abundant of, for methanol production.

The meeting took place in Abuja, the capital, in the presence of Nigerian Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonia Ono, Deputy Ambassador of Israel Mr. Yotam Klein, and Mrs. Osoji Florence, the Embassy's Economic Attaché.

Minister Ono is leading the Nigerian government's plan to expand methanol applications in the country to enable the development of the local economy, create more jobs, and make optimal use of existing gas resources to reduce the country's dependence on fuel imports.

The package of knowledge and methanol technologies that will be transfer to Nigeria is the result of the exclusive innovations of the Dor Group, which has been promoting a series of developments and products that operate on methanol as a fuel substitute in recent years.

Link to Nigerian News >>

Coming soon‼️
Dor Group continues to lead the energy revolution and proud to introduce a new generation of small trucks fuelled with 100% methanol - the cleanest environmental fuel!

Dor and the world's leading engine company FPT continue to collaborate and present an IVECO DAILY, light commercial van, design with a unique engine, fuelled only with methanol, For use for small trucks up to 7 tonnes of weight.

As we all know, transport vehicles of all kinds fuelled by diesel fuel are the primary transport pollutants in Israel and worldwide.The use of methanol as a smart substitute for diesel fuel Significantly reduces the number of emissions from vehicles, thus improving environmental quality and reducing air pollution.

Use of the new vehicle:
✔️ Reduce air pollution
✔️ Reduce oil dependency
✔️ Lower costs
✔️ will reduce noise

Watch the M-100 Drive Test video >>

The Dor Group's extensive knowledge in the field of fuel substitutes has long become a worldwide name. A senior management team, along with a team of experts in alternative fuel methanol, signed a cooperation agreement a week ago with the national fuel company of one of the Asian countries.

The state with which the agreement is signed seeks to learn from Dor's experts on creating unique fuel blends and developing end-applications, which have significant environmental and economic benefits.

Our support for building a new standard of #fuel for transportation will make consumption less cheap and significantly reduce emissions of pollutants into the environment and will undoubtedly transform that country into a regional energyleader, and for that, we feel pride.

Dor Group - World leader in alternative fuel development methanol for transportation!

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